7 Male Infertility Causes

There is nothing more disappointing for a couple as an unsuccessful journey to bring a newborn into the world. For some couples, getting to be pregnant is quite simple. For others, the process involves tears, stress, and visits to fertility specialists.

People who are unfamiliar with infertility, assume it is women related because of the association of women with pregnancy. However, about 30% of infertility problems that couple experience is due to infertility in men.

Couples who are not able to conceive, even after a year regular intercourse are recommended to diagnose with the male factor infertility -says Dr.Arpitha Reddy, fertility expert in Hyderabad.

7 male infertility causes you should know about

Suffering from low sperm count could be the leading cause of male infertility. The other male infertility causes are:

  1. Varicocele
    It refers to enlargement of veins in the scrotum. This unfavorable condition can have a radical effect on the quality of the sperm. The sperm count may decrease and its motility may decline.
  2. Sperm Defects
    In many cases, infertility in men is a result of low sperm production, low sperm motility (able to move correctly), and abnormal sperm function. It may also be low sperm count or even non-existent. The lack of motile sperms is known as Azoospermia and low sperm count in semen is called as Oligospermia which is to supposed to be major causes of male infertility.
  3. Obstructive Disorders
    Sperm moves through several tubes in order to finally reach the egg for fertilization process. Obstruction or blockage in any of these tubes is another major cause of men infertility. Blockage can happen due to various reasons such as injury to testes, infection of the testes, vasectomy (male sterilization process that involves tying of sperm carrying tubes) and a congenital defect which prevents the necessary transportation of sperm.
  4. Ejaculation issues
    Retrograde ejaculation occurs when semen enters the bladder during orgasm instead of coming out of the tip of the penis. This can be caused by medication diseases such as diabetes, and surgeries of the bladder, urethra. Men with spinal cord injuries are able to produce sperm but unable to ejaculate semen. Often in these cases, sperm can be retrieved and used in fertility treatments.
  5. Immunological Factors
    In rare cases, a man’s body might react allergically to his own sperm. At this point, when it happens, his body produces antibodies that impair sperm function and motility. Vasectomies or trauma to the genital area may prompt the production of such antibodies which results in male infertility.
  6. Problems with sexual intercourse
    Some problems may cause infertility which include trouble maintaining an erection sufficient for sex (erectile dysfunction), painful intercourse, premature ejaculation, anatomical abnormalities such as having a urethral opening beneath the penis.
  7. Aging
    The age of a male partner is often neglected when it comes to trying to conceive. Sperm count, motility, and sperm functionality all decline with an increase in man’s age. These factors combined results in causes of male infertility.

Apart from above male fertility causes, there are lifestyle factors such as stress, smoking and alcohol consumption, and Obesity that cause infertility in men.

It is not always women.

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