Blastocyst Culture for Infertility Treatment

What is Blastocyst Culture?


 culture and transfer is an extension technique to boost IVF (In-vitro Fertilization) success rates. This procedure helps in maximizing pregnancy rates while minimizing the risk of multiple pregnancies. In this technique, an embryo is developed in the fertility laboratory for 5-6 days after fertilization before being placed in the mother’s womb.

The word ‘blastocyst IVF refers to the stage where the embryo reaches approximately five to six days after fertilization. It is the stage of development that the embryo must reach before it can hatch and implant in the lining of the uterus. By culturing the embryos for extended days to the blastocyst stage, more success rates are ensured for the IVF procedure. It provides a greater opportunity to observe embryo development and Implantation of embryo occurs in at the right stage.

What is Blastocyst in IVF -The structure of the blastocyst is more complex than earlier embryo stages because, alongside an increase in cell number, the cells have become organized into 2 types, the trophectoderm, whose main role is in the implantation into the uterine lining and the inner cell mass, which will give rise to the fetus itself.

Advantages of Blastocyst Culture:

  • Embryos in blastocyst stage are considered to have a higher chance of implantation.
  • Blastocyst culture allows more duration for observing the health of embryos before implantation.
  • Reduced incidence of the number of embryos transferred for IVF.
  • Due to the extended period before implantation, this procedure reduces the chances of multiple pregnancies.

Factors determining IVF success rate:

  • Age
  • Embryo Quality
  • Oocyte Quality
  • Sperm & Semen Quality
  • Uterine Factors
  • Previous Infertility

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